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If You Think Hajia Bintu Is All About Big Bortos, These Photos Will Change Your View

Ghana’s own social media sensation, Hajia Bintu has gone viral and her popularity has even transcended the borders of the country.

She’s in actual sense not a scientist with a breakthrough innovation and she hasn’t also produced the vaccine for Covid-19 but her popularity is way beyond the aforementioned category of people.

This, she has her thick bortos to thank for. Her well curved body has attracted to her a good number of followers on social media especially, Tik tok and instagram.

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Though, her claim to fame is her bortos, she has other positive body features aside the huge backside.

She has such an infectious smile which is rarely noticed because people concentrate more on her bottom than her top.

Unlike most of her colleagues who bleach their skin to appear attractive to men, she has maintained her natural black skin color.

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Many people who are afrocentric, will be very proud of her for maintaining her skin color.

In this post, we have just some two photos of her which will change your entire view about the popular Hajia Bintu.

She posted the photos on her instagram page and you can find them below. Swipe right for more.


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