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“I Will Send You Back To Your Father’s House If You Can’t Cook” – Lady Tells Husband

There’s a very popular phrase that, “…The tables will soon turn”, and seems the tables are turning rather so quick in the roles of couples in their marital homes.

Traditionally, in Africa and most parts of the world, the wife is the one who is mostly responsible for cooking to feed the family. The husband on the other hand works hard to provide for the needs of the family including the food to be cooked by the wife.

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These roles have been played by couples in marriage or even the co-habitation period so well for a thousands of years now.

But with modernization and the “enlightenment” of most women, it seems the roles of the husband and his wife are not that static like before.

One lady on twitter has written an open letter to her future husband, stating what she will do to him if after getting married she realizes that he can’t cook.

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According to the lady, the husband will be sent back to his father’s house if he can’t cook. Explaining further, she stated that, cooking is a basic skill and anybody can learn it.

She tweeted; “My husband must know how to cook or else he’s going back to his father’s house”

”I said what I said

Cooking is a basic skill. if you like don’t learn. Ebi a pa e ku”


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