Home Entertainment I Want Bad B#tches To Tw3rk On My Grave – Temmie Ovwasa

I Want Bad B#tches To Tw3rk On My Grave – Temmie Ovwasa

Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa has made a wish to have bad b#tches tw3rk on her grave when she d#es.

The singer made a number of wishes for herself when she finally gives up the ghost and among them she wants some hot chicks to tw3rk on her grave.

The first wish is to have her body cr£mated once she becomes lif£less but if that is not going to be possible, she will want to be buri£d in a little pink coff!n.

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She also revealed that she doesn’t want anyone to shed any useless tears for her. They should rather pass her some roll of weed to quench her thirst.

One of the weirdest wishes she made was that she doesn’t want men at her funeral.

Temmie Ovwasa, earlier today, opened up on her $3xual ordeal with her stepfather when she was growing up.

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She said the man who posed as her mother’s husband f#cked her multiple times spanning a 6-year period.

She made a lot of allegations against her mother and her husband.

She even went further to state that she was not going to attend her mother’s funeral when she pass on.


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