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How A Woman Can Get Pregnant Easily – Doctor Shares Tips

Becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child is a dream that every woman in this world at a certain point in their life harbours. Even though men are not directly involved in carrying pregnancy and going through the excruciating pains of labor, they also at a point in time wish to have children to call their own.

Marriage is premised on child birth. The reason why most people marry is to give birth. There are scriptural verses that support this reason behind marriage. God is said to have instructed man to go into the world procreate to fill the world and also perpetuate the survival of the human species.

But is getting pregnant and giving birth that easy as we may think? Obviously the answer is a big NO. Getting pregnant and giving birth successfully is difficult than we may think.

Some people have married for a long time without succeeding at child birth despite the numerous attempts at getting a child.

These people normally become frustrated because of their inability to produce children out of their marriage. Some marriages have hit the rocks as a result of childlessness.

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A lot of factors contribute to this problem and most couples are aware of some of them. In their own little way, some have tried to find remedy to their problems.

It could be a medical problem from either or both partners or a genetic problem. Whichever way it is, getting your wife pregnant can be a very difficult task in such instances until the problem is detected and dealt with the proper way.

Others too can be healthy and also compatible genetically but still find it difficult to produce children. A medical doctor who is a gynaecologist has attempted at finding the hidden causes and proffering solutions to those problems.

Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo, a Nigerian gynecologist who is noted for his timely medical advice messages on social media has outlined some steps couples must follow in order to get the fruit of the womb.

How to get pregnant easily

He listed some tasks to be performed by the couples in order for the woman to get pregnant easily. These tips were shared on his official Twitter handle.

His tweet reads: “Trying to get pregnant? Simple tips: Have $ex 3-4days a week If your period is every 28days,

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“Have $ex on Day 12-16 of your cycle counting firstday of your last period as Day1. NEVER smoke. NO alcohol. TAKE folic acid 5mg every day.”

The reactions that followed this tweet highlights the fact that a lot of people are really going through hard times in their marriage just to produce children.

Many people thanked Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo profusely for coming to their rescue. Some promised to follow his tips religiously and report progress back to him.

Whiles we wait for such testimonies, you can also start implementing the tips if you’re facing a difficulty in getting pregnant.

Collaborating with your partner will help you to be able to implement the tips very well to your own advantage.


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