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Honeymoon: Cost, Its Necessity, And How To Do It

Honeymoon necessity and cost

Finding the right partner who will slip the ring down your finger is a rare opportunity that only few ladies get. A handful of those who get this opportunity actually go to the extent of culminating the process with a wedding. The overwhelming majority don’t get the chance to walk down the aisle with their partners to recite the all-important marriage vows.

A lot come to play before, during and after wedding. After wedding, one thing that is obvious with a lot of Christian marriages is the issue of honeymoon. Honeymoon is simply a period of vacation where newlyweds get the chance to celebrate their marriage away from home.

Newly wedded couples consider it a necessity to have a honeymoon, and if possible, an expensive one to enjoy each other for a short period immediately after getting married.

The practice has become ubiquitous in the Christian world. Though postnuptial vacation may have its roots from European and American cultures, the practice has been adopted by other cultures, especially those who are believers in the Christian doctrine.

What Is Honeymoon About?

Honeymoon, as stated in the preceding paragraphs of this article, is a period that follows immediately after a wedding between two consenting adults of opposite genders.

It involves going to lodge at a hotel or a guesthouse for a number of days, weeks and sometimes months depending on the financial wherewithal of the couple.

Other well-to-do couples can even honeymoon overseas. They take an all-expensive trip to a foreign country where the two newly wedded couples will enjoy themselves. The serenity of the new place gives them the luxury to enjoy the early days of their marriage away from home.

Financial Consequences Of Honeymoon

By now you might have been thinking about how much one needs to have to be able to spend some nice time with your partner after marriage at a luxurious hotel? Yes, it takes a lot of financial power to be able to fund this fanciful lifestyle.

One very clear consequence of honeymoon is the pressure that it puts on the finances of new couples. Because it has come to be accepted by many as the standard, even those who, in reality, cannot afford an expensive vacation immediately after marriage will do everything to have one just to avoid public ridicule.

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They sometimes do this by contracting loans that come with neck breaking interest rates. After the honeymoon, getting the loan paid back is usually a problem.

Some couples have divorced within a few weeks into their marriage due to the huge debts they incurred during their wedding and the after-party honeymoon. This is as a result of the sleepless nights the debts incurred keep causing them.

Is The Practice Really Necessary?

Honeymoon necessity and cost
Honeymooning after marriage is never a necessity. At least, there is not a single verse in the holy books that explicitly asks newly wedded couples to go on a honeymoon. It’s purely the culture of some people in different climes that has been successfully smuggled into Christianity.

It should be a choice that is dependent on one’s financial abilities. If couples feel that they can fund a honeymoon without breaking their bank accounts, fare enough. It should be left at that.

Cases Against The Practice

A lot of people have erected various arguments against the idea of spending the first few weeks of your wedding at exotic places and some of them are truly valid. Aside from the financial constraints that comes with it, some people also believe it’s not morally right.

One man even stated on social media platform, Facebook that, men should desist from taking their wives to hotels for honeymoon citing a number of reasons to back his argument.

“Dear married couples… Stop going to hotels to spend the first night with each other. The same bed hired by some men to sleep with pr*stitutes is where you lay your marital alter… It’s not just wrong, it’s st*pid. Even if you have one room, sleep with your wife in your one room. S*x is spiritual. Don’t mess up your “foundation”.”


The above are the words of Dickson Onoso, a Facebook user who finds the act of spending your wedding night in a hotel with your spouse as wrong.

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A lot of people actually think the same way and there are growing arguments in opposition to the generally accepted practice.

Taking your wife to a hotel that is a public property where no one regulates what goes on in the rooms can really come with dire consequences. The religious aspect finds it morally repugnant to lay your wife on the same bed that was used to lay a different woman.

Health-wise, there could be some contraction of diseases especially when the hygiene of the place is not a priority to the operators of the facility. The different people entering and leaving will definitely lead to the exchange of some germs and viruses.

How To Do Honeymoon With Little Budget

Honeymoon as has come to be, is one which comes with a lot of financial demands. Many exotic places are chosen as a destination for the the postnuptial experience.

But if you’re not financially stable, how can you organize a modest one: like cutting your coat according to your cloth?

Well, honeymoon can be observed in your locality. All you need to have is the mindset of celebrating your marriage as that is all it is about honeymoon. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your marriage if truly you can’t afford a luxurious one. After all, it’s not even compulsory, right?

The Verdict

Honeymoon is time and money wasting, it is not grounded on any serious religious doctrine supported with verses in the Bible and as such is a culture of a particular people which should be left as so.

There is no need incurring debt just to please society whiles you suffer with your wife afterwards. The society that you borrow to impress today, will not help you pay your debts. Simplicity is beautiful.

Your marriage is very valid without a honeymoon. It’s just a practice for the affluent who can afford. It’s not even compulsory for them too.

Don’t stress yourself. There is life after wedding and remember it’s “for better for worse”, for a lifetime. Post wedding vacation is not a validator of marriages.


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