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Here Is Why Nana Ama McBrown Will Always Be Ahead Of Her Colleagues

The Ghanaian movie industry is inundated with a whole lot of actors and actresses but most of them don’t have relevance outside of their friends and family circles.

The reason being that, a lot of them are not really good in their craft whiles others lack proper branding that will keep them relevant in the industry.

Most of these actors and actresses are also a 9-day wonder kinda people who fade away after just some few scenes.

Majority of the females end up slaying on the internet especially instagram and making some sort of come-get-me gestures to potential sugar daddies.

But one actress who has managed a good name for more than two decades now is Kumawood and Ghallywood star, Nana Ama Mcbrown.

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She started her career in acting at a very tender age and has matured as the years go by. Most of the people she started with are no where to be found in the industry but she’s still like Italian wine — she gets better with time.

Talk about a celebrity who easily attracts cooperate entities and Nana Ama’s name is likely to be mentioned.

You wonder why she has kept her relevance for all this while? The answer is simple – packaging. She has packaged her brand so well that she’s hardly involved in scandals.

She makes sure she improves on the job and also keeps her private life so well that many a young girl sees her as a role model.

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Her decency is another thing that is doing the magic for her. She has remained descent in her way of dressing and even how she talks.

She is a TV show host, Master of Ceremony, brand ambassador, and a whole lot.

She took to her instagram page to post one of these rare photos of herself where she looked all styled up without unnecessarily exposing flesh. The post is just one of the many reasons why cooperate entities always identify with her.

She will continue to be a pacesetter in the entertainment industry for many years to come. Check out her photo below for proof.


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