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Here Is Why Cina Soul Can’t Believe The Talent Of Akwaboah Jnr

Cina Soul is a Ghanaian female singer who is widely known for how effortlessly she fuses some local flavor in her songs and even in her stage craft.

She’s been so talented and highly rated within the local music industry and a lot are even suggesting that she’s not being getting the right recognition in the industry.

Truth be told, Cina Soul is not the regular name on the streets of Ghana when it comes to music. But that notwithstanding, she is highly rated among music pundits and those who love good music.

But as the saying goes that, “Real recognizes real”, Cina Soul has been wondering how her colleague, Akwaboah Jnr is so exceptionally talented and probably making some of them look mediocre.

In a tweet on her handle, Cina Soul wrote: “How can someone be so blessed and talented?”.

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The prelude to her tweet brought about a lot of mixed feelings among music fans who might have thought that Cina Soul was making the comment about Akwaboah Jnr with some malice intent.

She explained why she was awestrucked by the wittiness of Akwaboah Jnr in the music industry. Her tweet continued, “The rehearsals. The arrangements. The transitions.”

She ended her tweet by declaring Akwaboah Jnr as a legend in the music industry – a fact many have come to accept already even before her declaration though. “Akwaboah is really legendary”, she concluded her tweet.

Akwaboah Jnr recruited the silky voiced female vocalist, Cina Soul on his hit single, “Obiaa” which video was shot and released about a month ago.

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The song has been doing the magic in the digital space. This might have opened the opportunity for Cina Soul to experience the talent of Akwaboah Jnr first-hand and could not stop wondering how talented he is.

Akwaboah Jnr is a very popular songwriter, singer, instrumentalist and a great performer. The “Posti me” crooner is the brain behind most of the industry’s favorite jams from some of these well established artistes.

A standout of his songwriting works is the “Daa ke Daa” song he wrote for Becca which shot her fame and relevance thousands of miles higher.

He has also been credited for writing almost the entire Sarkodie’s “Mary” album.


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