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Happiness Starts With You Not Your Relationship – Nadia Buari

Ghanaian screen goddess, Nadia Buari is advising her followers to desist from expecting happiness from some external sources and start looking for happiness within themselves.

According to the beautiful thespian, relationship doesn’t bring happiness and as such people should lower their expectations when it comes to relationship.

Nadia Buari also mentioned money, job among the many other things that can’t give one happiness.

Nadia Buari captioned her photos on Instagram: “Stop hoping they’d bring u flowers and plant your own. Happiness starts with u, not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money and certainly not with your circumstances, but WITH YOU! YOU and only YOU, hold the key to your happiness.”

This statement by Nadia Buari is in sharp contrast with what many people think of happiness. A lot of the people think that happiness is something that can be gotten from the job or the amount of money that one has.

But the truth is that, all these can’t guarantee happiness unless you are internally happy. Many people have agreed with what Nadia Buari wrote and are applauding her for getting the hammer right on the head of the nail.

Nadia Buari is a Ghanaian actress, entrepreneur and an alleged housewife who has made a huge name for herself in the movie industry. She’s one of the few names that readily comes to mind when the movie industry is mentioned.

Even though she hasn’t been active in the industry since her move to the United States, her spot in the industry is unshakable.

Nadia Buari allegedly married in the USA but her husband is not in the known. She gave birth to a set of twins some years ago through that relationship with the”mystery man”.


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