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Girl Surprises Her Boyfriend With 20K For Haircut

In relationships, ladies are always at the receiving end whiles boys are seen as those who are supposed to be dolling out to them.

From buying clothes, food to even little things like airtime and internet bundle have been assigned the man as his role.

Failure to do any of these as a result of lack of funds or refusal is likely to be the beginning of the end of your relationship.

It has become the rule and many in relationships these days play accordingly.

But as there are exceptions to rules, one lady has proven to be one who can also contribute her quota in monetary terms in keeping the relationship working.

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This lady who has been identified as Annang Queen on Twitter, posted a screenshot of her romantic conversation with her boyfriend.

She mentioned in the chats that her boyfriend has not trimmed his hair for about three weeks now.

The boy explained that he has been busy and haven’t gotten the free time to go and have a haircut.

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The lady then proceeded to send her man an amount of N20,000 just for the haircut.

The surprised boyfriend could not hide his excitement and he continued to shower her with some sugarcoated words.

The lady’s tweet has received a lot of attention on Twitter as many are expressing their views on her gesture.

Check out the tweet below.


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