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Girl Declares No S3x Until Marriage In Dating, Boys React – Screenshots

In this day and era, one thing that keeps bothering females and their male counterparts is the issue of dating that will lead to marriage. Most dating hardly yield anything productive as in the form of marriage due to a number factors.

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly demanding for boys to cater for the needs of the girl they’re in love with. These needs include financial, emotional and in some very rare cases s3xual.

The last of the three needs is what normally seems to divide the interest of both genders. Most ladies seem to be subscribers of the popular “no S3x until marriage” mantra which is in sharp contrast with the interest of the boys.

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Whiles the girls are trying to keep their honey pots untouched till marriage, they are very willing to dissipate the wallets and bank accounts of the boys they’re dating.

A young beautiful lady has reignited the debate on social media when she took to Twitter to write that, “Dating me is very easy, no S3x until marriage”.

The statement as expected has resulted in a heated debate on social media and the thread is growing big and reaching a lot of boys who keep trooping to the comments section to leave a comment.

Many of those who commented didn’t have much problem with her conditions but rather, they also added more conditions that will complement hers to make a perfect dating life.

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Some proposed that all financial and emotional needs of the girl should be her sole responsibility until such a time when she’s walked down the aisle by her husband.

Others also suggested that they will have multiple partners to cater for their s3xual demands and she shouldn’t see anything wrong with that.

The back and forth is still on and you can contribute to the discussion through the link below. Screenshots of some of the most hilarious comments are found below.



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