Home Social Buzz Ganja Men Discover New Ways To Get High Without Smoking Rolls (Watch)

Ganja Men Discover New Ways To Get High Without Smoking Rolls (Watch)

We always wake up to new inventions that sought to help us to do things more effectively and efficiently without having to suffer like before, day in, day out.

Technology is at the fore when it comes to the struggle to liberate human beings from the unnecessary suffering that we go through on a daily basis.

There has been an exponential growth in terms of technological inventions in all facets of human development. Just today, we stumbled upon a new invention that would go a long way to bring relief to people in the ganja industry.

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There’s this video currently making the rounds on social media where a group of people are sitted in a room with a common goal – to get high.

Smoking of pieces of rolls seems to be time consuming and as such the new invention is to check that.

One man is seen holding a pan filled with bundles of ganja whiles the rest could be seen and heard rejoicing. Someone then set fire to the substance in the pan and an uproar of celebration hit the room.

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Soon the room was filled with smoke. The people inhaled the smoke. This could be the fastest and surest way to get high.

The technology when implemented well, will go a long way to help the ganja man dem in their quest to get high. Check out the video below.


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