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Fall In Love When You’re Ready Not When You’re Lonely – Unkonfined Explains

Love is the most tricky thing in this world: one cannot tell whether you love the people you claim to love genuinely or there are some stringes attached.

It has become the most discussed topic in recent times. Many people across the gender divide have some reservations for love whiles an overwhelming majority are trying all they can to stay away from the thing called love.

Truth is, a lot of the people who fall in love are not doing so because they are ready to pay the price but due to some circumstances, they’re pushed into the den of love.

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It’s in this light that hip hop artiste, Unkonfined has taken to his Twitter handle to explain that love shouldn’t be a knee-jerk decision to be taken by anyone.

He advised people to fall in love only when they’re ready and not when they are lonely. Loneliness is, in fact, the major push factor of a lot of people into love.

Because they’re not ready to love, they begin to find problems with their partners some few months into the relationship.

But to Unkonfined, if a couple falls in love when both are ready, their relationship will not be short-lived.

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“Fall in love when you’re ready not when you’re lonely”, he wrote. Unkonfined is increasingly becoming a known name on Twitter due to his daily motivational quotes that he shares with his followers.

He started music as earlier as 2005 and has been doing good in the hip hop industry until recently when he found his new love for social media where he engages his followers on some of his hard-hitting motivational quotes.


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