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Entitlement attitude takes you nowhere, be grateful to those who help you – Lady advises

Nowadays, most people feel entitled to some goodies or help from people irrespective of whether they deserve such or not. The canker cuts across various facets of life.

There are instances where rich people in a family are branded by their immediate family and even the extended society as been stingy and not helping enough.

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They feel that, by virtue of been born in a society with an affluent person, the fellow is mandated to help the society. Most people take offense when they fail to get help from people. Sad thing is, majority of them also fail to appreciate the little help people offered them in the past.

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An actress and a social media influencer has taken to social media to share her opinion on the entitlement mentality of people. According to Kate Henshaw, most people are not even grateful for the little help they receive from people but expect to get more. She advised that, people need to disabuse their minds of the entitlement attitude because having such will take a person nowhere.

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She wrote: “If you are ungrateful for the little you have received, how will you get more?? Entitled attitude gets you nowhere!! Most are dealing with so much that you have no idea about.. That little will be taken away from you! Stay grateful even for the little you have received!”

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