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Efia Odo Throws In The Towel On Her Push For Good Governance – Screenshot

There is a popular saying which I can readily credit a source to it; which says that, “When you’re going to fight for the black man you need to do that with one hand because you will need the other hand to block f00ls who will fight you back for fighting for their welfare”.

Though, the source is not readily available, leader of the Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe is the recent person to have been propagating this quote.

The statement is without any doubt the most profound statement that highlights the plight that all freedom fighters in Africa have been and are currently going through.

The bad governance is ubiquitous in Africa and each country is fighting the system in their own small way. The truth is that the youths are now wide awake and have decided to say that they have had enough of the fu*kery going on in government.

Last year alone, Nigeria made the news for the 2-month long protest against the government and the SARS unit of the police force.

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This year started with Ghana taking the baton from their Nigerian counterparts. The youths led by Efia Odo and some other celebrities and social media influencers have been tweeting about fixing the country for the past few months.

They have slated a date to hit the road in protest against bad governance. Their earlier request was denied by authority, citing Covid-19 as the reason.

Amidst all this, some of the proponents of the Fix The Country campaign have been facing bashing from the people that they are fighting for. Efia Odo, the female socialite and actress is one who has come under attacks following her persistent calls on the government to do the right thing.

Efia Odo has recently revealed that she may just leave everything and mind her own business because it looks like the people are too d*mb to see the good in what she and the other organizers of the protest are doing.

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Recently she was at the center of controversy when a photo of her allegedly passionately k1ssing a female friend hit social media, sparking rumours of a possible lesb!an relationship. Her detractors were already lurking around looking for anything bad about her to talk about.

She was attacked by social media “land guards” and just recently her choice of language has also been questioned.

It seems Efia Odo have had it up to her neck and is planning on giving up anytime soon. In a tweet she sent out today, she hinted that she will quit her advocacy for good governance and mind her own business.

She tweeted, “Y’all getting duped over year in and out and all you care is about my choice of language. Make this make sense. Imma just mind my business from now on for real.”


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