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Divorce Is High Because Many Are Ready For Wedding Not Marriage – NBS Explains

These days, a lot of marriages are falling on rocks and the heartbreaks as a result of divorce keep getting higher and higher by the day.

Marriage counselors and even modern day philosophers have had a hard time trying to figure out what could be the reason behind the numerous divorce stories in the news.

However they have tried in vain. The weddings keep coming but the divorce rate also keep rising accordingly.

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Nigerian actress and entrepreneur, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has provided what could be one of the real causes of divorce these days.

According Nkechi Blessing Sunday who recently announced that she is married, most young people these days are looking for weddings but are not ready for marriage.

This, she thinks is the cause of all the divorces that are been witnessed globally.

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Nkechi Blessing Sunday also stated firmly that she is married but not wedded because she is not ready to make her marriage an entertainment for people.

She maintains that she is married and anyone who is waiting to see her wedding photos before believing her will wait in vain.

Check out her post below.


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