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Discover The Culture Where Cows Determine The Fathers Of Children

Paternity fraud is one that has wreck many homes and accounts for a good number of divorce cases in the world currently. It is very common these days for a man to be taking care of children who are not his biological offsprings.

Infidelity in marriages is what has accounted for these things. It is now becoming an everyday thing and the institution of marriage is beginning to get unpopular as a result of this singular reason.

Fathers of new born babies now prefer to go to the hospital for a DNA test to be done on the children to determine the real fathers of the children before the man spends his whole life taking care of a child who may not his.

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When DNA test is mentioned in marriages, a lot of women’s hearts normally feel uneasy. Ironically, men are the most accused of being promiscuous all the time.

DNA test to determine the real father of a child can be very expensive and as a result most fsthers can’t afford it.

But did you know that there were other ways that one can use to know the true father of children? Yes, we have just discovered one culture where the paternity of a child can be determined without going to the hospital.

In this culture, the supposed father of the children will take the child(ren) to a kraal of cattle where a ritual will be performed before the child(ren) are put down.

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If the child is really for the man, the cows will not harm the child. But on the other hand, if the child is not for the man, the cows will attack it.

This new way of determining the true paternity of a child is believed to be practiced in the eastern and southern Africa.

As to whether it is actually 100% accurate or not is something we can’t vouch for. But the popularity of the practice points to the fact that there’s an iota of truth in it.


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