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Criss Waddle Shares Secret To Money Making

Ghanaian celebrity, Criss Waddle has shared a secret to wealth creation in a simple post he shared on his official Instagram page.

The rapper who has become one of the most successful young Ghanaians in the financial sector wrote that money speaks and understands only one language.

The one statement that money speaks is that, “Save me today and I shall save you tomorrow”. This is according to Criss.

Sharing the statement on his Instagram page shows how important he considers it. People who want to be rich must follow the philosophies of those who have made it already.

This has made his statement taken seriously. Savings actually help when you’re in dire need of money in the future. But the discipline to save money is lacking in many of us.

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This is the spirit that Criss Waddle is trying to awake in young people who aspire to be like him.

The R2Bees rapper and founder of AMG Business has put a halt on his music career for now and is much focused on making life better for people through real estate.

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He’s currently into real estate development and has been making a lot of gains in the real estate industry.

Criss Waddle has helped changed the financial situation of people including, rapper, Medikal. Check out his post below.


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