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Congratulations To All W!tches, Your Time Reign Is Near – Mummy GO

The controversial Nigerian prophetess who is widely known on the internet as Mummy GO has done it again.

She has pulled her ridiculous stunts again on her followers who appear more ridiculous. In a video shared on twitter, the woman of God congratulated all w!tches and told them not to repent.

She said that very soon, God will forsake the world and the much talked about anti-Christ will take over and rule the world. She added that when this happens, all w!tches will be full time workers and that will be the time for them to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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She said their time to reign is just around the corner. As usual, many including staunch christians are currently on social media mocking her for her new sermon, describing it as absurd.

Even though the topic of w!tchcraft is one that comes with divergent views from all angles, with many calling for the eradication of such a fictional idea from the minds of people, others think otherwise.

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A lot of scholars have argued against the existence and potency of w!tchcraft as touted by Africans.

Accused w!tches who are mostly women have faced a number of ill-treatment from stigmatization to even losing their lives.

Mob justice is the norm against alleged w!tches in most part of Africa. Whether it’s real or not, it’s a topic on its own reserved for another day.


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