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“Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed, Demand And You Shall Receive” – Efia Odo Says

Ghanaian actress, social media influencer and freedom fighter, Efia Odo has advised people especially the youth of the country to speak up and demand the betterment of the country.

Taking to her Twitter handle, the outspoken celebrity wrote that closed mouths will never get food into them and that people must learn to speak up.

She wrote on her Twitter handle, “Closed mouths don’t get fed, demand and you shall receive.”

Efia Odo has been one of the most vociferous on social media, speaking against the ills of the nation. She has teamed up with other celebrities and concerned Ghanaians to be pushing for the fixing of the country by the politicians.

Efia Odo has become a leading voice in this regard and a lot of people have increased the respect they had for her prior to the fix the country movement on social media.

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She’s proven to be someone who has the youth of the country at heart and want the leaders of the country to wake up from their slumber and fix the mess that they have created over the years.


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