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“Call Me or Else…” – Lady Warns Guy Who Took Her Number But Refused To Call (Video)

A visibly furious beautiful lady has given a chisel warning to a guy who took her number on Tik tok but failed to call again.

The lady narrated that the guy expressed interest in her on social media platform, Tik tok but the moment she opened up to him that she has one child, the guy refused to call again.

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This attitude of the boy towards her has pressed her anger button and she promised to go any length to get the guy’s attention.

She warned that he better call her or else the place she will take him to, he won’t be happy.

Nowadays, men are very careful when they’re considering a girl for a relationship. The issue of whether she’s a single mom or not is a paramount issue of concern. And most men will bolt away after discovering that a girl is a single mother.

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Watch the video below.


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