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Brain Jotter Has Never Been Funny – Lady Asserts

Contrary to the general belief that Brain Jotter born as Chukwuebuka Amuzie is one of the best comedy skits makers in Africa, one lady has decided to toe a different lane.

According to this internet lady who goes by her Twitter handle @rutie_xx, she has never found the comedy skits of Brain Jotter to be anywhere close to being funny.

The lady in a tweet made her opinion known in a very simple sentence. “Brain Jotter skits has (sic) never been funny”, she wrote. In simple terms, Brain Jotter is everything but funny, according to the lady.

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This has invited a barrage of insu1ts from fans believed to be die-hard fans of the comedian, Brain Jotter.

The fans didn’t spare her in their quest to defend their favorite comedian. Her post and the ensuing comments can be found below.

Brain Jotter is a new comedian who has garnered a lot of following owing to his consistent comedy skits he posts on social media.

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Brain Jotter is known to be making jokes around women with huge nyansh. This has also gained him some appreciable number of haters especially from the women quarters who feel atta¢ked by his messages. He is famously referred to as the nyansh doctor.

Nonetheless, Brain Jotter is one comedian who is loved by many due to his creativity. He has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since he made an entry into the comedy industry.


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