Home Social Buzz Boys Hilariously Give Some Signs Of A Stubborn Girlfriend – Screenshots

Boys Hilariously Give Some Signs Of A Stubborn Girlfriend – Screenshots

The expectation in relationships in this part of the world is measured with a different barometer as against the rest of the world.

Most ladies enter into a relationship on the back of the financial gains they stand to get from the man they have signed the emotional contract with.

Just like the ladies, boys also have their motives for dating some types of girls and these motives can be hidden or been made explicit.

This has led to mistrust in most relationships because the partners are not sure of what each of them wants in the relationship since they won’t open up to each other.

Some girls are been preferred by men to their colleagues because of respect. Most men are so obsessed with demanding respect from the ladies they date in this part of the world.

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So respect becomes one of the cardinal qualities to look out for when you are asking a girl out.

A netizen by name Olakunle Hughes has taken to micro blogging platform, twitter to solicit ideas from his followers on how to detect a stubborn girlfriend.

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From the comments that followed, one can confidently say that he was overwhelmed. Most of them were as hilarious as the word whiles others also came in with all their seriousness in presenting their points.

A cross-section of the replies to his tweet are available for you in the screenshots below.


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