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Bishop Ajagurajah Shares Secrets To A Happy Living

Bishop Ajagurajah, the controversial Ghanaian man of God has shared the secret to his happy life despite the numerous backlash he gets from Ghanaians.

The man of God wrote on his Instagram page that he doesn’t allow negative minded people into his circle because their negativity can affect him.

Bishop Ajagurajah has been labelled as an occultist following his special way of worshipping God and even his dress code.

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He has decided to be cooking for his church members on some special occasions and sometimes he does this regularly on Sundays.

He operates a church where common sense is the required ingredient to be a member. He doesn’t follow the Orthodox way of worship and this has made a lot of respected christians to question his ways as a Christian.

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“Do you know my secret? I don’t surround myself with negative people, because their actions can affect my destiny”, he wrote.


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