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Before You Take A Girl Seriously, Find Out Who Her Role Model Is – Men Told

Relationships these days have become highly complicated to the extent that a lot of people are now afraid to go into one.

A lot of people have other ill motives before going into a relationship with their partners.

Men are usually those who are taken advantage of by their female partners in a relationship.

For this reason, Nigerian rapper, Erigga has suggested that a man must know the role model of his girlfriend before taking her seriously.

This is because a lot of girls have taken up some screen role models and will stop at nothing to frustrate your life to be able to get the treatment that they want from you.

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Telenovelas have come to worsen the case. Social media just add salt to injury.

The internet is a pool of all kinds of people with different characters from different backgrounds.

But it is very common to find people taking advice from total strangers online regarding their dating lives.

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Some of these role models are usually toxic men or women haters who are transferring their anger from their failed relationships to everyone else.

Erigga’s admonition has received wide commendation as a lot of the men have agreed absolutely with him.

Read the post from the screenshot below. Please leave a comment and let us know your stance.


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