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Avoid Any Girl Who Feels She’s Not Pretty Without Makeup – Man Says

In a modern times lady’s bag, one is very much likely to find a makeup toolkit inside of it. If there is not going to be any other thing at all, but there must be a makeup kit.

This is because, in recent times, there has been a growing demand for makeup usage by ladies all over the world. The practice has become so important to ladies that they can’t just step outside without wearing heavy makeups.

This has come with its own benefits though. Some smart ladies have taken up courses in makeup designs just to help them cash out on the growing market.

The single most important question one will ask is, why the high demand for makeup usage these days? The reason is simply, the ladies want to look “more beautiful” to attract men.

Most ladies actually doesn’t feel comfortable in their natural skin and tends to exude a lot of confidence only when they wear makeup.

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But surprisingly, unofficial survey proves that, most men whom these women want to impress don’t even like the use of makeup. Time without number, you see men in their circles, complaining about how odd a lady looks when she puts makeup on.

Many actually believe that most ladies turn out ugly when with makeup than their original self.

Many have also raised health concerns as their main reason for their dislike for ladies who use makeup.

The loudmouthed social media activist and blogger, Albert Nat Hyde popularly known as Bongo Ideas has once again passed his own opinion about ladies in makeup.

The outspoken blogger admonished men to stay far away from ladies who feel they are not beautiful without makeup.

He made this known through a tweet he wrote on his official Twitter handle. His tweet reads: “Avoid any girl who feels her beauty is incomplete without the application of makeups.”

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Ladies with makeup

His opinion has received massive endorsement and it’s just but a confirmation that most men detest makeup with passion.

But who is ready to tell the ladies that they are very beautiful in their natural skin without making up? The hypocritical society will loathe the act in privacy and endorse it in public or in front of ladies in makeup.

If you’re a lady reading this piece, remember that you are really beautiful without makeup. Also, men don’t appreciate your heavy makeups at all. It’s as if you want to deceive them with a fake version of your original self.

Stick to your natural beauty. You’re beautiful in your originality.


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