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Audio: Man Suggests Water Shortage Solution To National Fire Service

The Ghana National Fire Service, is one of the many security services operating in the country to help keep the citizens safe.

The men and women in the service have discharged their duties diligently over the years. A lot of people who have placed distress calls to them have testified to how concerned they have been in responding to such calls.

But one thing that has been described as a major setback in the discharge of the duties by the Ghana National Fire Service personnels is the issue of water shortage in their water tanks at fire accident scene.

There have been instances where the National Fire Service are called to a scene where fire is ravaging properties and lives and after a few efforts to douse the fire, the water runs out.

Other times, calls are placed and the service personnels allegedly tell the caller that there is no water available in the tanks at the moment. The infamous taxi carrying fire fighters to a fire outbreak scene last year is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians.

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The issue of water shortage seems to be getting a solution from one anonymous caller who proposed a rather hilarious solution to the water shortage.

The man in the call mentioned that he was called Moses and when the Fire lady gave him the go ahead to tell what was wrong (probably expecting a fire outbreak report), the caller mentioned that his pastor said it will rain for two days.

The lady who answered the call then enquired to know what that got to do with them and his call. He replied that he wanted to inform them to fill their water tanks so that they will have enough water to fight fire when it breaks out.

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He hanged the call immediately after making known his reasons for calling.

In recent times, emergency response teams in Ghana including the Ghana National Fire Service have been receiving prank calls from citizens. They have made a number of public complains for people to desist from that as it is not helping their work.

The National Ambulance Service were also complaining about the issues of prank calls just last week and they’re the latest to go public with this.

Listen to the man as he delivers his hilarious message below.



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