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Angry Boy Goes Hard On Scammers – Video

Internet scammer

Deceiving through false pretense and making away with their victims money via the cyber space is popularly known as scamming. Those who engage in this nefarious act are loosely referred to as scammers.

The practice has become more prevalent in sub-saharan Africa especially Nigeria and Ghana where Nigeria is regarded as the kingpin of internet scam.

Through their activities, a lot of people have lost fortunes after they got deceived into doing business or building a relationship of a sort with them.

Internet scammer

The internet is full of people who go anonymous and mostly hides behind fake accounts on social media to perpetuate their crime on their innocent victims.

Due the bad effect of internet scam on the victims, all well-meaning people don’t condone the act. Thy condemn it in no uncertain terms at the least opportunity they get.

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A young boy has taken to Instagram to send out some unpleasant words to internet scammers. He described them as a bunch of funny people who commit all the crime in the world but pretends to be good.

The boy accused them of defrauding people of their hard-earned currency from Monday to Saturday but dress up on Sunday to Church to go and pray to God.

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He advised them to change their ways otherwise the day of reckoning is near and when their cup is full, God will get them and they will face the consequences.

His video was shared on social media by gossipmilltv – a popular Instagram blog base in Nigeria. Watch the video below.


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