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Actor, Stanley Lists The Type Of Women That Men Should Marry

It is a very common statement that’s being made by people – men especially, when they’re about finding a serious partner for a serious relationship leading to marriage that they are looking for women who are “wife materials”.

This “wife materials” can mean a lot. It sometimes represents a woman who is considered as someone who can perform domestic chores and also not someone who can squander the resources of her man.

Submissiveness has being the key determiner of who is a good wife material and who is not, according to those in this school of thought.

But is there actually something like wife material in the dating ecosystem? Nollywood actor Stanley Nweze doesn’t think so.

Stanley Nweze in a post on his Instagram stories wrote that there is nothing like a wife material.

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He further explained that any woman who stands by you when you’re struggling and rejects offers from better men should be your chosen one for marriage.

He wrote: “There’s nothing like wife material, that woman that has been by you when things are rough, supporting you and ignoring all the men after her, marry her na your wife be that.”


His statement has been confusing a lot of his followers as what he described is exactly what people usually refer to when they’re talking about wife materials.

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Marriage is really tricky these days and a lot of people are finding it difficult getting the right partners.

Divorce rate is getting high by the day and this is due to people marrying the “wrong” partners.

It’s advised that both men and women do proper background checks about their partners to-be before commiting to any serious relationship.

Skipping this important aspect of the marriage process can lead to serious damages to the marriage when it finally gets done.

Spend sometime and study your partner; it really helps.


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