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A Relationship Where You Can’t Correct Your Partner Is Unhealthy, Leave It – Man Says

Most relationships these days are described as toxic or unhealthy, with breakups and the resultant heartbreaks being the dividend for practitioners to reap.

A lot of factors contribute to this rather unfortunate trend and the earlier something is done to remedy the situation the better.

Many reasons have been cited for broken homes. These reasons cut across all disciplines – from finances, $3xual satisfaction, infidelity to sheer disrespect for the feelings of others.

Well, the problems are glaring for all to see but not even the greatest relationship counselor has been able to profer a solution to the rising problem.

A man identified as Sylvester Ubong Ntuk has waded into the issue and has also given his take on what constitutes a toxic or unhealthy relationship.

Relationship tips

According to the Port Harcourt based business mogul, toxic relationships can be detected early enough if you pay some attention to the warning signs in the course of your dating.

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Sylvester Ubong Ntuk noted that when you begin to realize that your partner is allergic to corrections then it’s a sure sign of unhealthy relationship and it’s about time you parked out of that relationship.

“A relationship were (sic) you cannot correct your partner or complain because you know they will get offended & Leave is unhealthy. Move!”, he wrote.

Relationship tips

He made the comment in a post on the most popular Facebook group, Rant HQ. The post has since gone viral with many people having a say regarding how spot on the comment is.

The subject of dating and for that matter relationships has become an unavoidable one in our daily discourse. From the beauty salons, workplaces, the cinemas, to the food joints, the dominant topic being discussed has something to do with relationships.

Unhealthy relationships have caused a lot of damages to the people involved. Some people have lost their lives in the process. Both men and women are victims but women are the majority.

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Relationship tips

Domestic violence rose astronomically during the time of the COVID-19 lockdown across the globe, according to reports. A good number of women unfortunately lost their lives through domestic violence in the same time frame.

Identifying the early signs and acting swiftly to foil any unfortunate incident is the way to go. This is where this advice comes in.


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