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A Man Shouldn’t Marry If He Doesn’t Have Gh¢182,000 In His Account – Lady Says

Marriage is gradually becoming a thing reserved only for the affluent in society as the years go by.

At first, it was just a practice which was sanctioned by customary laws and also religious doctrines. Marriage was made easier and simple when approached from either the cultural or the religious viewpoint.

But of late, marriage is much dependent on the depth of one’s pocket. If you’re not financially stable, marriage can be a no-go area for you.

Girls, and to a very large extent, their parents will never accept you into their family if your bank account is not as fat as an overfed elephant.

How much one possesses has become a major determiner of who gets the woman of his choice to marry.

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The rampant collapse of marriages is partly to be blamed on how money has become a key player in relationships. When you marry because of money, you’re likely to bolt away from the marriage when the money becomes difficult to come by in your marriage.

One lady has emphatically stated on social media, the amount of money a man must have before he can be considered ready for marriage.

The lady chose social media platform, TikTok as a medium through which her message was aptly relayed to her target audience.

She emphasized that, a man must have at least, 10 million naira which is equivalent to Gh¢ 182, 000 in his savings account before developing interest in someone’s daughter.

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The post has illicited a lot of reactions on social media. Majority of people are not siding with her at all. Some have blamed her thinking mentality as the reason why crime rate is surging higher everyday.

Others have also justified her stance by urging people to respect divergent views without acting holier than thou. They believe it is her choice and that must be respected.

Moreover, she is definitely not the only girl left on the blue planet and one can get a girl of your choice who will not make money her priority in dating you.

Check out her post below.


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